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The 5 best Product books and posts

I’ve kept mental notes of the resources that changed the way I build products over the past 15 years. Typically after reading, I would share one of these with every PM I know and not stop talking about them for weeks. This week I went back and tracked down all of them and wrote a one line review.

I’m sure I missed a few, but this is a highly curated, fairly exhaustive set of articles that resonated strongly with me and shaped me into the PM I am today (plus a few recent ones to stay relevant :D).

My criteria:

  1. Insightful - Shares a new idea or frames it in an incredibly clear way
  2. Evergreen - not related to a specific trend or moment in time
  3. Accessible - you can jump right in without knowing a bunch of jargon

This is a living document that was last updated on Jan 8, 2021.

Most influential posts

  1. Be a Great Product Leader (video) - Great product leaders define what game we’re playing and how we keep score.
  2. The Next Feature Fallacy - Building another feature probably won't make people start using your product.
  3. The Hardest Lessons for Startups to Learn - A set of guiding principles for startups or 0→1 products.
  4. Steve Jobs Introducing the iPhone - One of the best product pitches I’ve seen. Simply ‘Phone + iPod + Browser.’
  5. The Interface of a Cheeseburger - A usability breakdown of one of the most user friendly products around.

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Most influential books

The full list

Even l33t hax0rs read books on computers.

What are the books, videos, or articles that changed the way you look at Product Management? I’d love to hear about them! @bdickason

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Post last updated: Jan 8, 2021